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Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon


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When The Night Fell (part one)
April 7, 2021
Owen Thomas, who wrote the breath taking piece let us into his thoughts behind the performance and shares some stories from working with the theatre.
Punch Maughan
March 1, 2021
We caught up with Punch Maughan just before the weekend, we asked her some questions about her time at Theatr Brycheiniog and ‘found’ out what she is up to now…
Rosie and Tin's theatre interview
January 21, 2021
We have another lovely blog post for you! We would like to thank Rosie and Tin for their support, not only are they patrons of Theatr Brycheiniog but they are also regularly involved in many creative projects and classes. We asked them if they would answer some question for us and they were kind enough to give us such interesting and heartwarming responses.
Time Traveller Jo
December 8, 2020
I would lead social media posts with Meet Jo, she is part of our amazing box office team, she is currently Furloughed and spending some time in 2074 when she can, apparently everything is much better there.

New Year, New shows

Posted by velvet at 14:16 on 20 Jan 2020


Our new spring brochures are here!!!!!!


We are starting the year off right with loads of awesome shows! Have you picked up one of our new Spring brochures yet?! It's packed with amazing bands, community shows and brilliant comedy.

If you love live bands we have some amazing names coming to the Theatr, here are just a few; The Levellers, Henry’s Funeral Shoe, The Doublecross, Heavy Flames, Calan, Braebach, Rusty Shackles and many more. 

If 2020 is the year you have decided to stop playing it safe, we have the perfect, edgy musical for you! Milky Peaks a ‘fabulous’ comedy. What’s it about? Nestled in the bosom of Snowdonia, the small town of Milky Peaks is nominated for ‘Britain’s Best Town’, which is lovely. However, the award has an insidious far-right agenda, threatening the heart and soul of the community. Can three lost souls and a shabby drag queen club together to save the identity of their beloved Milky Peaks?

Our Comedy Clubs are back again! If you love stand up come along to the Theatr Friday the 24th of January at 8pm! 16 yrs+ £10 per ticket.

What a great spring, It will incredible! Sound like we are bragging?... Well, thats because we are!  


Westender Takeover!


Pantomime week is in full swing! OH, NO IT ISN’T, OH YES, IT IS!

We are delighted to have the amazing, funny and mischievous Westenders back once again. This year they have a production of Jack and The Beanstalk. Tickets still available! Shows run until the 25th of January.

If you are not aware yet they have also taken over some of our Social Media, follow us to see what they get up too!  

Twitter: @brycheiniog

Instagram @TheatrBrycheiniog 

#TBsocialmediatakeover #westenderspanto #jackandthebeanstalk

Here is a quick look at what the cast have been up to so far! 

That Fish Guy Takeover 

As well as having the Westenders here at Theatr Brycheiniog, we also have That Fish Guy! 

He will be outside serving from his van all week! Don't miss out.