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A Little Space

Posted by velvet at 10:16 on 28 Feb 2020


A Little Space, March 12, 7.30pm

As a Theatre we are truly inspired and thrilled to have this amazing production coming to our stage that we just couldn’t stop ourselves from posting this blog!

Do you love the Theatre? The excitement of curtains up? The lights, music and atmosphere? Perhaps you haven’t been to the theatre in a while or even never?  A Little Space is the perfect to show provoke emotions and wonder.

David Wilson, Director at Theatr Brycheiniog says about the show “We are delighted to have this latest show as a co-production from Mind The Gap & Gecko Theatre and it is a real privilege to host their only performance in Wales. It’s fitting that this visceral, viscous and ambitious work is the culmination to our Unlimited sponsored conference when accessibility is at the forefront of our provision to audiences.”


Check out these images! Warning they will make you feel warm and fuzzy with pure desire to book tickets!


Just amazing!


A little about the show

Set in an apartment block, this devised show follows the lives of five people and explores what happens when they connect and disconnect from each other, whether through choice or through isolation. Drawing on the performers’ own experiences, a little space is a powerful piece of physical theatre, which uses movement, imagery, sound and lighting to portray the needs, desires and fears of the characters.

Mind the Gap has an internationally respected methodology and approach to its work and is considered a beacon for learning disability arts and artists; A Little Space is their first physical theatre production. Gecko’s style is both physically demanding and emotionally honest, using breath as an anchor to explore movement and emotion. The company strives to make their work open to interpretation and put their audience at the heart of the narrative – an ethos that has been reflected in the devising of A Little Space as we ask you, the audience, how it feels to be alone.


About Gecko

Founded in 2001; Gecko is an award-winning and internationally-acclaimed physical theatre company, led by Artistic Director Amit Lahav. A Gecko show is visual, visceral, ambitious theatre crafted to inspire, move and entertain.

With an expanding ensemble of international performers and makers, Gecko works across diverse age groups, nationalities and forms, and creates work through collaboration, experimentation and play. The company tours nationally and internationally and continues to develop strong partnerships around the world. Beyond the stage, Gecko aspires to open the doors on their process through an extensive education programme and digital presence.


About Mind the Gap

Founded in 1988, Mind the Gap is one of Europe’s largest learning disability theatre companies that creates work for UK and international audiences.

Working in partnership with learning disabled artists, the company delivers a bold, cutting edge, world class artistic programme that impacts locally, nationally and internationally. Work that excites, surprises and challenges audiences in both traditional arts and theatre venues and in different spaces and places.

Its work ranges from award-winning touring theatre productions (CONTAINED, 2015-17; Mia, 2016 – 2018) to large scale outdoor spectacles (ZARA, 2019) and interactive workshops that aim to make change.

The Cast, we were lucky enough chat to the amazing cast! They are very busy at the moment touring so we are extremely grateful that they took to time for us!

 A few Q&A's



Alison C

Q-How did you become involved with a little space?

A-I was part of the trial ground in 2017 and the experimental session in 2018. I was chosen to be part of the cast in 2018 because of the work I’d put in during those sessions.

Q-How would you describe A Little Space to a friend?

A-A Little Space is a show with different stories which intertwine together so as to create one story. See the show, because various scenes can be interpreted in different ways.

Q-How long have you worked at Mind The Gap/Gecko?

A-I’ve worked with MTG/Gecko for 3 years, 13 at MTG as an individual company.   



Q-What have been the biggest challenges you’re faced in performing in/creating the show?   

A-When we change some of the scenes in between the shows.



Q-What have you learned?

A- I haven’t done a show like this before! Using a lot of focus on the body, like knees.

Q-How would you describe A Little Space to a friend?

A-Using my body to tell a story.



Q-What do you feel is special about the way Gecko and MTG have worked together?

A-Every moment counts, they put in a lot of care with details of the storytelling to make it polished. Then throw in music and lights to make it effective to the emotions.

Whose Art Is It Anyway?


This amazing show is part of our Unlimited, Whose Art Is It Anyway? Conference.

A day at Theatr Brycheiniog exploring, discussing and examining participatory arts practice, why we do it and will it be a career and does it have to be.

Involving presentations from Celf o Gwmpas, Hijinx, Powys People First, Theatr Wildcats and Project Ability with work from Cameron Morgan, JoAnne Haines, Vince Laws, Theatr Wildcats, Gecko and Mind The Gap.  

The day will include talks, discussions, work by artists, a networking lunch, an open Q and A discussion and for those staying for the evening events dinner will also be provided.

This event is free, but booking is essential. There is a maximum of 4 tickets per person. If you require extra tickets please get in touch.

If you have any queries about the event or would like to let us know your access requirements, please email or call 01874 611622.