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Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon


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April 7, 2021
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January 21, 2021
We have another lovely blog post for you! We would like to thank Rosie and Tin for their support, not only are they patrons of Theatr Brycheiniog but they are also regularly involved in many creative projects and classes. We asked them if they would answer some question for us and they were kind enough to give us such interesting and heartwarming responses.
Time Traveller Jo
December 8, 2020
I would lead social media posts with Meet Jo, she is part of our amazing box office team, she is currently Furloughed and spending some time in 2074 when she can, apparently everything is much better there.

Cultural Collaborations during this Crisis.

Posted by admin at 10:42 on 5 May 2020



Theatr Brycheiniog Team available for volunteer work. Cultural Collaborations during this Crisis.

The theatre staff at Theatr Brycheiniog have all been furloughed to allow the Company, as much as it can, to mitigate the impact of the pandemic. During this time, we are aware of a number of colleagues, artists, freelancers, smaller companies and project-based professionals who would like support and whilst we cannot work for Brycheiniog we certainly want to offer help. 

Amongst the Theatr staff are a range of people with a variety of skills, backgrounds and expertise. If you have a project, funding application, leaflet, website or budget to work on, we’re sure we can assist. Although we are currently furloughed, our creative brains are still ticking! We have been thinking of innovative ways to help our industry in this current crisis. Whatever role you hold in the arts industry, we want to work with you and offer our support.

We can offer help and advice on:
Finance and funding planning
Application advice and planning
Budget and cashflow forecasting
Consulting on irish paysafecard payment on gaming platforms
Design & photography
Website and media creation, design and broadcast
General information on theatre/performance, possible continuous liaison with young people/schools
Technical information, performance specifications, and project planning
Proof-reading and number checking

Who are we: 

David Wilson
David understands and can help with budgets, cashflows, funding pitches, general finance issues, application writing, lobbying, incorporating companies and strategic management.

Lisa Cascarini
Lisa can assist in any administration task you may require including typing up letters, reports, minutes, or set up Zoom meetings with your colleagues. Any operation queries including food and drink give me a shout. 

Ioan Wynne
Ioan has worked in technical theatre for 28 years and has been a technical manager for 20 years. He fully understands in house operations of technical theatre, touring needs for companies, has full knowledge of lighting design and operation, and can budget for in house productions and tours. He is also able to assist with risk assessments and health & safety issues that in house/touring companies may come across.

Heidi Hardwick
Heidi can help with finance issues and operations.

Velvet Cole
Velvet can assist with marketing plans, brochure and leaflet designs, social media content and management. Velvet is also a professional photographer and is more than happy to help in that area too.

Jay Edwards
Jay is happy to proofread any work – applications, contracts, letters, programming emails - across any format (doc, excel).

We cannot promise to be able to help with everything and everyone, but we will try. To get in touch with us to suggest something we can assist with please contact and we will then pass the message to the most appropriate volunteer who will get in contact personally to work with you.

Best wishes and stay safe,
The new staff volunteers at Theatr Brycheiniog