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December 8, 2020
I would lead social media posts with Meet Jo, she is part of our amazing box office team, she is currently Furloughed and spending some time in 2074 when she can, apparently everything is much better there.

Ann Seymour Photography

Posted by velvet at 11:57 on 7 Feb 2020


Photographer Ann and farmer Charlie.

Ann's work #Charliesyear is on display until the 1st of March in our gallery! Ann was kind enough to answer some questions for us!

Can you tell us a little about yourself? 

Im 54 almost! Ive had a full career in Graphic Design and Marketing, working with people, words and images. Photography has always been a part of the process. Im a natural people-person, I gravitate towards social events. Being able to photograph them, means I can create the sighs, the ooo’s and ahhhh’s after its all over. I’ve a huge sense of humour, am not phased by anyone, no matter how important they are. Having an ‘art school’ back ground means I see things creatively as well as being a documentary photographer. It is a blend I have developed into my own style. I love music, am the biggest Kate Bush fan! I am a single mother which has its ups and downs but I am proud of the two young people I am bringing up. 

What made you get into photography? 

I didn’t get into photography as some people do with a hobby, I picked up a camera at the age of 8 and documented a school trip to St Fagans. I think it started there, I have had a camera in my hand ever since. Ive shot in film for years, I think my house is full of albums and boxes of photos I have taken. Ive been a keen rider all my life riding all around the world. Ive now developed a great technique of holding the reins in one hand and a camera in the other. As a graphic designer you work with words and images. I think about it all the time, if I am working with a client, I know what shots to take that work for graphic design. It is an instinct and based on years of experience. Photography is just a part of it that I am passionate about.

Can you tell us a little about Charlies year? 

The project started 2 years ago. Very randomly, after a catch up with Charlie whose farm was two doors down from the one where my children were born. I have always had a love of farming, from early years at my Uncle Stan’s dairy farm in North Wales to growing up around the farming community here. They have tennacity which I emphasis with. From foot and mouth to the current climate/meat free debate they carry on. A bit like me. The farming project was always there. It was finding someone i could work with who was a ‘little bit out there’ like me, a rough diamond. Charlie was that, and it worked.

What is the funny moment you have ever photographed?

Second shooting at a wedding, with a well known Welsh photographer and watching him shooting some young kids, laying on the floor. He was promptly sat on my the Maid of Honour who also started taking photos, it was one of those moments! But very funny she’s a curvy lady and well, it was funny!

What is the saddest moment you have ever photographed?

I attended the funeral of a dear friend two years ago and was asked by the family to document it. Despite my own grief I captured for posterity the tears, laughter and coming together of people from all walks of life as we said goodbye to a dear dear friend. It was possibly the saddest and hardest photo shoot I ever did.

Can you pick a favourite image from Charlies year? If so which one?

I have two actually. Dip 1 showing Charlie on top of his mobile dipper, the image is moody as the day was very story and overcast,  and I shot it at an angle as the platform was very metallic, it creates an architectural theme to the image. The second is the image ’Shepherd’ that i have used to publicise the show, to me he just looks like ‘Jacob or slight biblical’ … and I like that.

What do you hope to achieve by showing this work?

Having an exhibition is always a chance to show case your experience and skill sets. As well as being very proud of the work, I hope it will lead to some exciting projects and shoots in the future. I love working outdoors with animals. You never know what will happen or what you will capture. That is the beauty of it.

Do you have any more information you want to share about your work? 

As well as being an experienced event photographer, I enjoy commissions. I have plenty of friends in the photography world who shoot in studios, I like being outdoors, I am very good with animals, children and people. I even doing weddings, mainly on request, and I am always happy to help out fellow photographers as a second shooter. I like to be in stealth mode! To really see my range of work, you can visit my website or just give me a call, I don't bite and am guaranteed to get you smiling at the end of a call.