Patron’s Events

Friday 6th July 4pm - 6.30pm: Tea & Cake with Mid Wales Dance Academy vocational ballet training class

Patrons and Friends have been invited by Katy Sinnadurai to watch a Mid Wales Dance Academy vocational ballet training class. This class is for a handful of senior pupils that have been selected because they show sufficient potential and motivation to enter the highly competitive world of professional dance. Katy will explain the training to the “audience” during the class. This Friday class takes place in the theatre studio from 4.30 – 6.30 and includes 30 minutes pointe work at the end of the class. We will serve tea and cake at 4pm before the class and then you can join the ballet group for as long as you are able from 4.30pm.

Patrons Coffee Mornings

This year’s Patron’s coffee mornings will be held from 11am -12.30pm

Wednesday 6 June

Focus Discussion Group for theatre staff and Patrons to brain storm ideas for Patrons or Friends and other volunteers to further support the theatre and contribute to its development. This will be at 10.00 – 12noon with coffee provided. Please do let us know if you would like to join this session.

Wednesday 26th September

Wednesday 28th November

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