Jack and the Beanstalk

After the success of last year’s Dick Whittington Jermin Productions return with a brand new pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk. A breath taking battle of the beanstalk unfolds amongst the hilarious script, beautiful costumes and stunning theatrical sets. With their classic blend of chart topping songs and comedy gags this is an unmissable Christmas treat for all the family.

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Reviews of Jermin Productions' previous pantomimes

'A pantomime packed to the rafters: a dazzilng story, magnificent songs, comedy slapstick all executed brilliantly by the cast' South Wales Evening Post

'Seamless and energising: madness, mayhem and magical interventions punctuated this fantastic pantomime's plot' Brecon and Radnor Express

Jack is a poor boy who lives with his mother, Dame Cookie Trott, his hilariously silly brother JJ (Whey Hey) and their cow. One day, they become so poor that Jack's mother tells him he must sell the cow at market to buy food. On his way to market, Jack meets a stranger who gives him five magic beans in exchange for his family's cow... What Jack doesn't realise is that the stranger is the wicked Fleshcreep, a minion of one of the largest giants in the land!

Jack races home to tell his mother the good news (!), but she is furious that he sold their precious cow for a handful of silly beans. She hurls the beans out of the window and sends poor Jack to bed with no supper. Overnight, the magic beans grow into a gigantic beanstalk. Amazed, Jack decides to climb higher and higher through the clouds, until he finds a castle, home to the largest giant!

Under the protection and orders of the magical Green Bean Fairy Queen, Jack enters the castle and steals gold pieces, a goose that lays golden eggs, a magical harp, and rescues the beautiful Princess Jill from the Giant's guard. As Jack races to leave the castle, the harp screams that it is being stolen and awakens the Giant from sleep...

Can Jack, Jill, the Green Bean Fairy Queen and the family defeat the evil giant and horrible Fleshcreep? Will they find the fortune they deserve? And will they all live happily ever after?

Meet the Cast

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